Friday, September 25, 2015

Illustration: Legs and Faces

I'm doing a bit of catch-up with posting, since the first month of classes has completely thrown off my blogging schedule. I haven't sewn anything since the last wedding we went to, but hopefully I can rectify that next week, before the next onslaught of assignments and exams starts up in mid-October.

Here are a bunch of photographs of the better attempts in my work, over the past two weeks, where we focussed on legs, and then faces.

Some pathetic looking legs to start:

It's fun to see improvement over time in my sketchbook. I think the bottom legs are a little too pudgy for the height, but they definitely look like legs!

Here's a backside. My feet drawing still leaves a lot to be desired... I think that's a focus for a later week, though, so I'm not too concerned.

This is the last leg I did in my exercises, and the one I'm most proud of!

When we moved on to faces, we started by drawing the egg-shaped basis for heads, which I put up above. Then we went on to specifics for how to draw facial features.

Molly said it looked like the sorts of faces you would see in a drawing class. She is 100% correct, hahaha.

I have a lot of fun drawing eyes.

Profile view faces are eluding me, though. This lady below is saying, "OW I smashed my face into a wall." Because I have no idea how else her face could look like that. The other lady to the right is mildly concerned.

I also attempted to draw some stylized faces, and experimented with leaving off different facial features. I think I've got eyes and lips down to a style I like, but I'm not a big fan of noses.

I think I might just leave off noses.

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