Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Brideslady Dress and Bag

This super late Blag-a-Bag is here in place of my normal Tuesday technique post, for which you will have to forgive me. Usually I write up a tutorial the week before it goes up, but this past week was mostly a frenzy of sewing and travelling for a wedding.

I had most of this dress finished before we went on our three-week trip, but spent half of last week adding that bottom contrast band (which is very slightly high-low, though you can't see it), as well as making a bag to match.

So there, I did make a bag!
My brideslady dress is loosely based on Simplicity 1665. I say "loosely" because it started out as a faithful rendition, but quickly morphed into something else entirely.

Veronica, the bride, didn't have any restrictions on our bridesmaid dresses, except that they had to be pink. Months ago, I found this slightly stretchy pink denim, and bought several yards. Because really, how many people have a denim bridesmaid dress?

The extra yardage, purchased to provide insurance against experimental-dress-fuck-ups, meant that I had lots left over to make a matching bag. Et voilĂ !

I wasn't basing this off of anything in particular; I just wanted a decently sized bag. I just realized I haven't got a picture of me carrying it, but it fits perfectly under my arm, while being plenty roomy for all of my stuff.

Back zip for my phone, of course.

I love the divider in the centre. I haven't seen many bags like this (if any), and I think came up with a pretty ingenious installation method. To prevent losing things from this very open-ended purse, I put in elasticized pockets and clip tabs, similar to my travel bag.

This one held up extremely well as my primary purse for our flights to and from Vancouver, as well as the entire weekend we were there. In fact, when I got home, I made two more, which I'll be writing about soon!


  1. you need to start an etsy shop or something or else you'll be drowning in bags soon from blag-a-bag.

    1. That's the plan! I have two I just need to photograph, and then I'm going to be listing them this week!