Friday, October 17, 2014


This blag-a-bag post is here to declare that the shop is open!

Last week, I made two more divided shoulder bags, like the pink one I had made to go with my brideslady dress, but this time using Sunbrella fabric. And then I listed them in an Etsy shop to go with this blag.

I have lofty goals of selling bags and other fashion accessories, designed by me, and this seemed like the right first step. Check out my shop for some great photographs by me, of me, holding things made by me.

Alongside my goal of eventually selling many bags is one to become more comfortable with my self image, which is not something that comes naturally to me. I am too used to hiding behind text (hello!) and other people. The photographs in the shop are the fruit of my fake modelling session, thanks to my camera's selfie mode, my tiny tripod, and a bunch of boxes on the bed.

I'll be adding more bags as I make them, but I've got a few patterns lined up from my previous blag-a-bag prototyping.

It isn't just bags, though; I've listed several handwoven scarves I've made, which are great for the cooler seasons. There I am, modelling one above. But you can see them better if you go check them out in the shop!

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