Friday, November 7, 2014

Crossbody and Ring Clutch

I realized I forgot to photograph and post my blag-a-bag last week, so this is a 2-in-1.

Part of my tardiness is due to the fact that I was waiting for my order of a tripod and photo cube to show up. That should explain the white background and weird lighting, though it doesn't really excuse that I didn't iron the back fabric. Um.......

This week's blag-a-bag is based off a handbag I saw online, which had a little ring handle and a curved edge. The ring I found was a little too big–it's part of a pair, and large enough to fit all the way up my arm.

As a proof of concept, I'm OK with it.

Last week's blag-a-bag was on the tail end of my diagonal phase:

A crossbody like last week's, but much simpler in construction. Just one inside slip pocket, and satin cording for the strap.

The goal with this one was really to test out a theory I had for seam allowances with a diagonal cutout. I think I came to a satisfactory conclusion, which may make its way into a tutorial post some day.

Next week, I have a plan for my blag-a-bag! For the first time, I went to one of the FabMo selection days recently, and picked up a TON of fabric pieces. I need to sort through them, then iron that white background fabric and take some proper photographs!

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