Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Blag-a-Bag

This is an extremely tardy blag-a-bag! A number of Thanksgiving-related social events and some unexpected complications with the strap manufacturing set me back a bit.

The outside of this super cute zippered tote bag is made enirely with upcycled fabrics!

I spent a full evening last week with the larger pieces of fabric I picked up at the FabMo selection event. I had pretty much every piece spread out; there were a bunch to the left and right of this crop, too, which you can't see.

I paired up most of the pieces and ended up with a nicely stacked pile of coordinating fabrics, plus some others which didn't really have a suitable match.

This first bag from the bunch is very simple, but I want to start doing faux leather straps! Only, I bought the wrong bit of slightly stretchy faux leather, so I had to sew some straps with interfacing, rather than just cut them and attach them. Also, trying to attach faux leather straps without an awl is a lot harder than you might expect!

The end result was OK though! I think the next ones are going to be much better, once I get the right tools.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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