Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Puppy Hat

My manager is going on maternity leave starting next week, and a while ago I had promised to make her a puppy hat for the baby boy she will be meeting soon.

Right now, her only baby is her own dog, Scruffy; I tried to match his white colouring and very dark eyes, but I am no dog expert.

This hat is loosely based on this Red Heart pattern, but mostly I just winged it. Sorry, there is nothing fancy here!

The eyes and nose are some black fleece which I cut down and sewed on. It's a little difficult to do an even backstitch with black thread on black fleece, but again, winging it!

I remembered last minute to put one of these tags on it. That's me! I made it! I hope Baby enjoys many happy days in this very hat I made for him.