Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Yarn Boxes

In 2011, I had an idea for a bag to hold a ball of yarn, and started drafting some pattern ideas. I already had a couple of simple cloth bags, which were great for toting knitting projects around, but were kind of flimsy, so my working yarn would get tangled in the handles. I designed these little fabric boxes, with have sturdy seams to keep them upright while open, but don't require any kind of stabilizers.

Each starts with a simple shape as its base; I started with a square, a hexagon, and an octogon. I recently also made one based off of a triangle, to start off my bag-a-week campaign.

Next week I'll post more about my bag-a-week project, which is to do exactly that: make one bag a week. I was pretty good for three weeks, but then we had a friend stay over for a while and I fell off the wagon for a bit. Being determined to blag about it, though, gives me more accountability!

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