Thursday, August 7, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Asymmetric Detail

In a world where symmetry is beautiful, my attention is always caught by asymmetric fashion. I think this is the point of using asymmetry in designs; we are so primed to see symmetrical shapes, having something a little bit "off" makes us stop and look. I also love it because asymmetry goes very wrong very quickly. It doesn't take much for something to look terrible, which makes it a real challenge to do it right.

In 2011, when colour blocking was becoming en vogue once again, I had an idea for a skirt with a large asymmetrical block. I started with a basic side-zip sewing pattern, and used tracing paper to chop up the front panel, and add the appropriate seam allowances.

I had some vibrant cobalt blue dupioni silk, but not a whole lot of it. A simple silver in a matching silk dupioni seemed like the best foil for it, and here we go:

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