Friday, January 9, 2015

Blag-a-Bag: 2015!

Happy new year! It was a slow start after a long vacation with family, but once the fridge was full and the clothes were clean(er), it was time to make a new bag.

This is a cute little crossbody; very rectangular, and very much inspired by a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag I saw at a Bay in Vancouver. I really liked the grommets on the sides, since I usually sew my straps directly onto a part of the bag. Since then, I've seen it on a lot of other bags, too, but that hasn't decreased the novelty in my mind.

I couldn't find my grommets, but I did have some eyelets on hand, which were almost as good.

My metal zipper technique is getting much better, and I really liked the piping on this one!

All of the fabric came out of my FabMo stash, which makes it a pretty good start for the new year, I think!

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