Friday, May 8, 2015

Stonemountain and Daughter

I lived in Berkeley for two years, and somehow never was able to get my butt over to Stonemountain and Daughter. In my defence, we were never really set up for me to sew while I was doing my degree, but now I really regret not going!

I finally had reason to go last week, and took a few photographs while I was there.
As far as fabric stores go in the Bay Area, I've always raved about Britex as having the best selection of textiles around. I won't rescind that comment, because those four floors are pretty amazing, but Stonemountain and Daughter has a lot of selection, too. 

What you definitely don't there is attitude. Everybody I spoke to was extremely friendly and helpful, and the store had a great, positive atmosphere.

There are a lot more quilting fabrics here, but it definitely isn't a primary feature of the store. The lack of fashion fabric selection has always been a drawback with most of the independent fabric stores I've been to in the area.

I scored some great lightweight knits to make Spousal Unit some shirts, and some clearance silk chiffon which came to $7/yard (!), which is going to be my test fabric for the Etro silk I brought back from Rome.

The second floor of Stonemountain and Daughter has some more fashion fabric and clearance bolts, but also a sizeable space for classes. There was a class at the time I visited and I didn't want to disturb by taking photos, so you'll have to take my word for it.

I'm extremely impressed with their class selection, too, and am hoping I can go to one some time in the summer. Mostly I just want to go back and buy ALL THE FABRIC! If you're in the Bay Area, I suggest you do the same!

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