Wednesday, May 13, 2015

UFOs and WIPs and queues

I meant to write a post for today about rolled hems, as I took some related photographs a while ago... but got completely sidetracked by minor disagreement I had with my serger, which is still unresolved. I feel that the needle threads ought to be catching all of the lower loops, yet my serger seems to be of the opinion that it can avoid catching every tenth loop or so.

I am confident I will prevail, if only because a full cleaning and rethreading is going to happen, and soon.

In the meanwhile, I thought I might post some pictures of recent and current projects, because as a true crafter, I never have just one!

The project I need to finish with my serger is a raglan shirt I made for Spousal Unit, using that knit fabric I bought last week at Stonemountain and Daughter. I used Simplicity 1605, and it turned out really well! Or so I thought.

My husband is very skinny and very tall, so I lengthened the body pattern pieces by 4". But medium ended up being too big, and the extra length was apparently too much. My attempt to increase the seam allowances on the sleeve seams is when I got into the argument with my serger (it was a serger-only project!). It'll be a few days until I can complete this, but it will happen!

Next up is this bag I started ages ago, just shortly after I started my day job. It needs a liner and handles, and lays around sadly, looking at me deploringly.

Some day, little upcycled tote. Some day.

When it comes to knitting, I basically always have three projects: a sweater I started two years ago and have yet to complete, a mindless knitting project for watching TV, and a project that requires more thought. The first is in a bag by the sofa, and the last is currently at work for impromptu stitch-and-bitch sessions, but here is the other:

This is a Stripe Study Shawl, and I'm using Miss Babs Yummy 2-ply, which I picked up at Stitches in February. This one is so close to being done! It's hard to see because it's all squished up on the needles, but I think this is going to be one big shawl. I've got an extra skein of the dark grey, so I might add on a large grey border at the end.

For more short rows, this is a cowl I finished a while ago, so it's not a UFO, but is in fact, an FO. But I got a nice photograph of it anyway, and put it up on Ravelry.

This is a single skein of CaterpillarGreen self-striping yarn. Yep, this isn't colourwork! It is literally just short rows back and forth, until I ran out of yarn and sewed the ends together.

And in case you needed more proof that I make a lot of things, here's something from my queue:

It's been a while since I made any jewelry, but this is probably the most common category of handmade item I wear. Along with some repairs I need to make to my existing collection (not photographed, because where's the glamour in that?), I have two pairs of earrings and a necklace in the works.

I didn't even consider photographing more of my queue, because I have so many. I'm pretty sure 50% of my brain capacity is just tracking projects and project ideas–this is a natural state for me!

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