Friday, September 12, 2014

Bag a Week: Charger Tote

As a bona fide digital-native millenial, I have more devices than fingers, and that number isn't going down any time soon. I have a charger for each device, too, and Spousal Unit has his own versions, which means cables, cables everywhere!

I used to keep all my chargers and stuff in a tiny bag, but it's unpadded, and I wanted something with a handle to make it easier to grab.
Man, look at all this stuff. Camera accessories, tablet and phone chargers, portable charger, and AC adaptor (must-have travel device for marital bliss).

This photo doesn't really look super organized, but there is a pocket for just about every cable and adaptor. I only wish I had made a second level of pockets, so that everything would sit flat. Oh well. You can see my super kid-oriented flannel padding on the inside, which I used when I couldn't find my cotton batting.

I think I'll have to make another version of this some time. I was looking at the Grid-It! elastic organizer, but it didn't seem super efficient, and I'd still have to put that in some bag-like thing, anyway. This is a pretty good compromise though; at least all my chargers fit, and it's super easy to fill for a quick trip.


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