Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sewing Paper

When you think of "sewing," chances are that your mind will focus on "fabric," or "clothes," or maybe "quilting." It's unlikely that "paper" is going to come up very easily, because why in the world would you sew on paper?

But I mentioned in my post about sewing machine needles that you can save your dull needles for sewing on paper, and I wasn't kidding. I've also sewn fabric onto paper, with thread, to create a background on a greeting card for a baby girl:

Give it a try some time! Space your stitches out enough, and that should avoid damaging the paper enough that you can probably forego using any glue.

You don't even have to use fabric! Sewing on a single layer of paper without thread lets you create perforation. Lower your feed dogs (if you can) and free sew some swirly patterns. Make paper garlands!

The possibilities are endless, but in case you want some visual inspiration, check out this Pinterest board I created!

This week's post is pretty lightweight, because I've been doing some travelling. Next week I'll post about the places I've been, and more importantly, the fabric and yarn shops I've stopped into!

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